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Environmental awareness program

Main aim of Prayas promoting environmental awareness in the society. Vivekananda Samiti describes and discusses the global environmental problems and provides solutions for a healthy environment. Under this banner samiti running different programs like Save Water, Save Birds, Stop to burn Crackers, Stop Use of Plotlines, and Save Ganga etc.

1. To create awareness conduct seminars, workshop and training for the protection and promotion of environmental.

2. To help victims of pollution and environmental degradation to seek and obtain social environmental justice.

3. To provide a forum for concerned citizens and activists working for the survival of living beings, sustainable development and social change.

4. To work for the protection of water, conservation of natural resources.

5. To implement community oriented research and training programs in the area of public interest and sustainable development.

6. To set up an information, resource, cultural and environmental law and justice center.

Our Projects

The nature of work is voluntary and all volunteers will be given a certificate / letter for their contribution. The work may include the following depending upon the applicant’s expertise:

1. Coordination work for organizing Environmental-Training Programs/Meetings etc.

2. Environment education projects with school and college students.

3. Giving presentations on air/water/soil pollution, environment law and policy, wildlife conservation, sustainable energy, solid waste management, animal rights and other health related issues. Experience and understanding in the concerned fields will be required.

4. Creative, artistic work in drawings, paintings, craft, designing, photography etc. related to ecological system of India.

5. Writing reports, articles, briefs etc. related to ecological system of India.