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School education for underprivileged children

Education is for better life. Doubtless, education is the most powerful catalyst for social transformation. But child education cannot be done in isolation. A child will go to school only if the family, particularly the mother, is assured of healthcare and empowered. Moreover, when an elder sibling is relevantly skilled to be employable and begins earning, the journey of empowerment continues beyond the present generation.

Realizing this, Vivekananda Samiti beginning in the corridors of education, adopted a lifecycle approach of development, focusing its interventions on children, their families and the larger community.

Today, 8 million children in India are out of school – surrounded by poverty, illness and despair; they are fighting a daily battle for their survival. Together, we can bring hope in their lives. Together, we can bring change and make it last.

Sponsor A Child

The objective of this program is to fund and sponsor the education of children in India who are at risk of discontinuing their studies due to very impoverished circumstances. The goal of this program is to prevent the dropouts by orphans or financially backward children. Through this program, a donor can sponsor the education of an underprivileged child for the period of one year. Donor will be provided with the details of their sponsoring children through our website. Donor can communicate with their sponsoring children through mails or personally meet them by visiting the project site on project monthly meeting day. Donor should meet their sponsoring children only at project committee meeting site in the presence of committee members.

Mission Statement: "Provide basic and formal education and better quality schooling to the underprivileged children in India regardless of gender, class, race, religion and disability to lead them step in the march towards change and self-reliance" Vivekananda Samiti for Education is a volunteer organization dedicated to improve educational opportunities for children in India. Having recognized the problems associated with literacy in India, Vivekananda Samiti strive to be a catalyst for spreading the awareness of literacy and achieve 100% literacy in India by directly funding and sponsoring education for children. Vivekananda Samiti believes that children's education is one of the most effective development investments that a country can make. We constantly expect to make people appreciate the gravity of the need and try to send a wake up call to many Indians to do something to their motherland. By mobilizing the funds Vivekananda Samiti is helping underprivileged children in India to step in the march towards change, self-reliance by providing basic and formal education, there by raise economic productivity of the country, improve the educational prospects of the next generation, promote sound management of environmental resources and reduce poverty.

For those people who have a quest for helping their motherland but having questions related to proper way of funds utilization, accountability, affectivity of the program, credit for their efforts etc., Vivekananda Samiti is the right answer for them. You can do no great things; only small things with great love.


It is never too late... take a new look at your priorities... Do not wait until others around you are opening their hearts. Instead, begin doing things now that are so desperately needed for the conscious unfolding of your life. This does not necessarily mean leaving your work or your present lifestyle. Your decision to the service will bring your own life to a level of satisfaction and well being that you may never otherwise achieve. You will become increasingly happier as you learn to love more. And you will begin to discover the miracle of your full potential as a human being. Your life will gain meaning and purpose. Your energy can tip the scales when you add it to thousands of others that are already working hard through Vivekananda Samiti. Millions of children in your motherland are waiting with hope that someone will help them. Let us become that 'some one'. Let us share a peanut value to welfare of the children. Vivekananda Samiti is here to help the children and provide you the details of children that is getting your help. Donate generously to make a change. Please take a pledge to sponsor a kid at least for one year. For more details about the services.

You now know the need for action right now using the power of our new awareness. We can no longer believe that we are helpless to change the future of under privileged children, which in turn will change the future of our country. That starts right here in your heart right now ! This step can only hope to inspire you to take the next steps in your own development and for your country.

The objective of Sponsor A Child program is to fund and sponsor the education of children in India who are at risk of discontinuing their schooling due to very impoverished circumstances. The goal of this program is to prevent the dropouts by orphans or financially backward children.

Child Selection Criteria

Following is the child selection criteria for enrolling students into 'Sponsor A Child' program.

1. Child must belong to a slum area or village background.

2. Child must be studying any standard or getting technical or professional education.

3. Child must be studying either in government school, private or government aided school.

4. Second preference is given to those financially backward Childs who have lost father or mother.

5. Third preference is given to those Child and his/her parents must be financially backward.

6. Children who are ready to educate their parents, neighborhood adults and volunteer to empower their community will get preference.

7. Children must show the performance improvement to be able to continue the scholarship form Vivekananda Samiti. Evaluation is done on continuous basis and decision to continue/discontinue the student will be made on half yearly basis.

Following is the list of items provided to each sponsoring child.

1. uniform per year.

2. pair of shoes or sandals per year.

3. Sufficient Note books & Stationary (Including but not limited to drawing sheets, coloring pencils, pens, plain papers, geometric box, school bag, geographic maps, science books etc.).

4. School fee & Exam fee.

5. Prize for winning students in the competitions organized by Vivekananda Samiti.